Corporate signature scents

What is hedonic marketing?

Fleur De Vie empowers hedonic marketing.

Leading retailers who dominate the competitive edge are now leveraging the creative envelope of crafting their own unique hedonic signature.

This signature scent is then made homogeneous throughout their outlets worldwide and functions to captivate and inspire an indescribable comfort level with its clientele.

The familiarity of a unique scent affirms the consumer experience cerebrally and the conditioned response is intertwined with the superlative consumer experience that is had - and one that the consumer looks forward to with each and every visit.

This is client retention taken to the nth level.

Combined with this is the harmonisation of retail climate conduciveness and the elevation of the consumer's propensity to purchase.

How we can help you achieve it

Fleur De Vie has an unparalleled library of prêt-à-porter scents suited to specific trades or custom sur-mesure creations from the finest perfumery inputs.

We understand the daunting nature and associated apprehension of treading into the realm of perfumery. Fleur de Vie believes in the importance of casting light on the path ahead by sharing with the client the fundamentals of scent crafting in order to evoke a significant level of assurance.

The artisanal process of custom scent blending for clients is centuries old and a rarefied insight into the French craft of haute perfumery with the methodologie of chords and hedonic-abstract visual processes.

Prospective clients are warmly invited to contact our bespoke scent division for an appointment.
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