Corporate volume consumer

We are pleased to cater to corporate volume consumers who wish to utilise our retail scents on a service volume model to attain greater cost effectiveness.

We recognise and support the higher volume needs of corporate consumers with qualifying monthly consumption levels who have a  lesser need for ornate packaging. Our packaging size options are flexible and can be prescribed to assist the corporate client in larger volume packaging options for Fleur De Vie Parfum D’ambiance perfume oils.

Understanding the need to defray the front heavy costs of multiple diffuser acquisition, we are able to offer a contract program that is able to render the provision of adequate lamp diffuser units on a free on loan basis.

Further information is available on request. We encourage a meeting to understand your needs for a tailor made program to be crafted to best suit your organisation’s needs. Please quote “corporate volume consumer interest” in your message at the contact us section.
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